The chief mechanic on base in both the novel series and the film. In the novels, Sasakura is portrayed as a male; in the film, Sasakura is portrayed as a female. However, that doesn't detract from any of Sasakura's personality, as Sasakura is almost the same in both the novels and the film, and it is assumed Sasakura has a similar appearance in both the novel and film, other than the difference in gender.

None but Air (novel)Edit

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Sasakura tends to be a loner, but will hang out with people considered friends such as Kusanagi and the mechanics on base he/she is in charge of.


Suito KusanagiEdit

Sasakura and Suito get close to each other because they are both loners, according to Kusanagi herself [1]. Sasakura is one of the first few to actually get close to Kusanagi as a friend. Sasakura acts as a mentor to Kusanagi, and is the first to show her around the area when she gets to base. Sasakura also teaches her about relationships she doesn't know about and gives Kusanagi information, as well as being a source of help and consolation for Kusanagi as her friend. In the novel, Sasakura will have various comedic interactions with Kusanagi as he does experiments near the hangar and calls her when she is in the hospital, amongst other times. In the film, Kusanagi and Sasakura seem to rarely interact, but still seem close, as Sasakura rushed to her aid when she was shot down and seems to understand Kusanagi's pain of living as a Kildren.